Advances and Changes in the Techniques of Multi- Dimensional and Comprehensive Chromatography and When Coupled with Mass Spectrometry.

  1. Abstract of Keynote presented at Analytica2016, September 29, 2016 Analytical2016abstractrevised.doc
  2. Analytica2016 Keynote presented on September 29,2016  Analytica2016KeynotePresentation29092016.pptx
  3. Recent article published by Peter J Baugh on Comprehensive Chromatography Mass Spectrometry advances-and-changes-in-the-techniques-of-multi-dimensional-and-comprehensive-chromatography-and-when-coupled-with-mass-spectromet-2155-9872-1000323.pdf 
  4. Please note that in the final published edition, the reference numbering at the end of the article has been increased by 2, compared to the reference numbering in the text. The correct reference numbering & sequence for the text and bibliography is provided in the article below:


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