MS Tech Solutions, a division of the XWAME Group Ltd, provide service principally for Waters mass specs and UPLC systems country wide.Our engineers are drawn from Waters staff with many years of field service experience behind them. Our aim is to bring fast response, high quality service at affordable cost to our customers – testimonies will be supplied on request. We have a large stock of spares to support our service team available at our base in Ashton, Manchester,covering Xevo and Synapt instruments as well as most earlier models. Established for over 15 years we provide fast, effective and affordable service for research organisations, contract companies and academia throughout the country – and some in Europe also.

In addition we maintain a stock of fully refurbished, second user instruments, installed to full manufacturer’s specification with 12 month warranty. Ask for a list of current stock as an alternative route to acquire excellent instrumentation with more modest budget means.

MS Lab, another division of the XWAME Group, manufacture at our Ashton works a range of MS benches, vacuum pump noise suppression units and nitrogen generators to support mass spec labs. The products feature high quality manufacture with emphasis on product safety, all products CE compliant. Movable benches for example certified to 500Kg safe working load (SWL) and fully equipped with temperature overheat protection for the vac pump enclosures when supplied. An advanced, space saving, model has a built-in on-board nitrogen generator unit providing up to 35L/min very dry nitrogen gas, a feature that can provide additional sensitivity to the Waters AP-GC source when compared with conventional N2 generators. (Report available). From simple to sophisticated, we can furnish a lab with a strong, dependable platform for that precious instrument.

MS Engineering, provides specialised precision component manufacture from the one off unit for research development, to high volume production for industry. Equipped with an extensive machine shop facilities including HURCO lathe and milling CAD/CAM machines, our highly skilled engineers are availableto give swift response for complex component manufacture to precise specification.Prices: competitive.

For further information please contact:

 John Letcher: Sales Manager, Mass Spec Tech Solutions,

Manchester, UK.

Tel: 0044 161 998 9219. Mobile: 0044 7775 766 977.


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Bench Vac pump cabinet