Practical manuals of environmental interest will appear, here.

The following manual was designed for a comprehensive laboratory practical for the MSc in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Salford  for one day per week extending over one semester.

It is an exhaustive sample preparation and instrumental analysis exercise for water and soil matrices employing a range of analytes and labelled analogues to illustrate and demonstrate a rigorous approach using environmental analysis protocols and established EPA methods. The figures to the manual are included below. Open in new tab to view enlarged images.

 Schematic of sampleIMG 1263 preparation for acid and base extraction from spiked water samples









              IMG 1265                     IMG 1266                  1.  Anthracene and phenanthrene PAH and 2. aldrin and endrin, mass spectra and mass chromatographic profiles      

IMG 1269 

3. PCP and 4. TCP mass specta and mass chromatographic  profiles

IMG 1268                 IMG 1267

5. Chlorophenols PCP and TCP mass chromatographic profiles with cailbration graph and 6. Tailing factor diagramatic representation

IMG 1270            IMG 1271

7. Capillary gas chromatography of hydrocarbon and PAH homologues using on column injection; 8 On column injection schematic diagram


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