This book edited by Peter J Baugh with 10 authored chapters was published by OUP in 1993 and has been well used by undergraduates and postgraduates since. It was translated into German in 2000 in a re-edition without original editor and author affiliation.

P. J. Baugh, IRL Press at Oxford University Press, 1993, 426 pages



Gas chromatography is an extremely important analytical tool and one of the most widely used separation techniques in the chemical, biological, and medical fields. Essential for monitoring and characterizing organic chemicals in industrial products, body fluids, and the environment, gas chromatography is widely used for the detection, identification, and quantitation of trace substances in many fields. This volume reflects the technique's diverse applicability and covers all its major uses. Topics include instrumentation-operation and experimental considerations, capillary column development, technology and performance, selected applications of low and high performance column modes, methods for chemical derivatives, and chiral separations by GC, among others. Chemical and biological analysts as well as chromatographers in industrial and academic settings want to own this invaluable volume.

This book is probably still of relevance, today, but an updated  or extracted version could be written, if there is an interest. I am happy to act as an editor for on-line abridged version if chapter authors can be identified.  

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